Typology of building

Multifamily housing buildings

Property status

Rented by Boligforeningen Ringgården 

Year of construction

1946-47. Extension from 1997

Heating degree days



Traditional masonry construction with 350 mm brick walls – only 50 mm cavity. Gables with external insulation (1997) and new brick facade. Wooden roof construction with clay roof tiles. The building is fitted with double glazing in Windows from the 1980ies (U-value window approx. 2,8).
New windows from 1997 (U-value window approx. 1,5).
Dwellings extended during renovation in order to install prefabricated bathroom units in centre of dwellings. 


ICE-WISH pilot manager

Boligforeningen Ringgården  (RING)
Palle Jørgensen
E-mail: pj@bf-ringgaarden.dk
Lulu Grønlund
E-mail: lg@bf-ringgaarden.dk
Rie Oehlenschlaeger
E-mail: rie@aplusb.dk

ICE-WISH stakeholders cluster Activities

Activity/Event Location/Date Purpose Audience Attached
Presentation at the annual tenants meeting/ and brochure Sep. 2011 To disseminate knowledge about ICE WISH The tenant from the pilot site  Attached as pdf Folder ICE - folder
Article in Ringgårdens magazine for tenants  Oct. 2011 To disseminate knowledge about ICE WISH to all tenants in Ringgården    Article as pdf RING ICE-WISH article tenants magazine
Oral Presentation /meeting  10/10 2011 Getting the local ambassador input to recruiting process  The tenants board from the pilot site, the caretaker and property inspector   
Oral Presentation /meeting /invitation, poster and brochure  22/11 2011 To disseminate knowledge about ICE WISH to all tenants from the pilot site and to recruit tenants for ICE WISH  All tenants from the pilot site

 Attached as pdf RING Invitation;RING poster and RING ICE-WISH Brochure.pdf

Meeting in the common area at the pilot site 24/11 2011


Smaller groups of tenant 


New ICE WISH brochure with lottery 


Recruitment  Distributed to all the households at the pilot site   Attached as pdf RING ICE-WISH Lottery
Meeting: managing director Palle Jorgensen with NRGi, energy utility

Dec. 2011

To disseminate ICE WISH     
Meeting: managing director Palle Jorgensen with the municipality's Climate Department  January 2012 To disseminate ICE WISH  The members of Climate Department   
Ringing doorbells at the pilot site
(Rie and Lulu) 

Dissemination material

Date Purpose Audience  
Sep. 2011 Folder ICE-WISH RING tenants Danish Version
Oct. 2011 RING ICE-WISH article tennats magazine RING tenants Danish Version
Nov. 2011 RING Invitation RING tenants Danish Version
RING Poster Danish Version
RING ICE-WISH user Brochure Danish Version
RING ICE-WISH Presentation Danish Version
Dec. 2011 RING ICE-WISH lottery RING tenants Danish Version