Saint Quentin-Fallavier

Typology of building

Multifamily housing building

Property status

Rented by OPAC38

Year of construction


Heating degree days



Concrete walls, no insulation, flat roof

france pilot

ICE-WISH pilot manager

Office Public d’Amenagement et de Construction de I’lsere (OPAC38)
Benoit Jehl
E-mail: benoit.jehl@opac38.fr

ICE-WISH stakeholders cluster Activities

Activity/Event Location/Date Purpose Audience Attached
Oral Presentation / Meeting / Brochure 21/09/2011 To disseminate knowledge about ICE-WISH to the tenants of the demo site The tenants of the ICE-WISH pilot  Presentation PowerPoint

Dissemination material

Date Purpose Audience  
September 2011 Presentation PowerPoint The tenants of the ICE-WISH pilot French Language
December 2011 USER Brochure The tenants of the ICE_WISH pilot  French Language