EC co-funded projects related to ICT and building

Digital Environment Home Energy Management System The DEHEMS project is an EU funded project, supported under FP7, looking at how technology can improve domestic energy efficiency.   The project partnership includes a mix of European local authorities, private business and universities. [..]
The European strategic research Roadmap to ICT enabled Energy Efficiency in Buildings and constructions The REEB project aims to facilitate co-creation of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and a supporting Implementation Activity Plan (IAP) for sustainable and energy-efficient smart building [..]
Friendly Intelligent Energy Management System for Existing Residential Buildings The FIEMSER project addresses the need of achieving energy positive buildings through solutions based on a rational consumption of energy, local generation and an increase in the consciousness of the building owners [..]
BEYWATCH: Building energy watcher
Targeting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and new power distribution business models, BeyWatch aims to design, develop and evaluate an innovative, energy-aware, flexible and user-centric solution, able to provide interactive energy monitoring, intelligent control and power demand [..]
Boosting energy awareness with adaptive real-time environments Reduction of energy consumption is a societal challenge that requires combination of technical, economical, and social means. So far, energy conservation has focused on new technologies and automation, treating users as passive [..]