EC-funded projects related to ICE-WISH objectives

The SAVE@Work4Homes project aimed to bring about a significant reduction of energy consumption in European social housing by providing tenants with feedback on consumption and offering personalised advice.   The approach recognised the great variety of living conditions and cultures in [..]
Energy Ambassadors
Campaign to fight against fuel poverty and raise awareness on energy efficiency and energy savings The Energy Ambassadors campaign aims at tackling energy poverty and in helping families in managing their water, heating and electricity consumptions, through the intervention of social workers [..]
Intelligent metering
Energy savings from intelligent metering and behavioral change. The overall objective of the project was to maximize the energy savings available across Europe through the use of intelligent metering and behavioral changes of building occupants. This project has aimed to demonstrate and promote [..]
Residential Monitoring to Decrease Energy. Use and Carbon Emissions in Europe The overall objective of the REMODECE project was to contribute to an increased understanding of the energy consumption in the EU-27 households for the different types of equipment, including the consumers behaviour [..]
The BewareE project aimed at stimulating this change in residents’ attitudes as well as enhancing the implementation of ‘energy services’ in cooperation with housing organizations and other actors, drawing on ‘good practice examples’ from EU and national projects. [..]